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Exclamation 285.03 + Xorg pre 1.11.1 and Debian Sid Kernel 3.001

Pardon my rant and don't take it personal. I'm well aware there all many mitigating factors always out of the hands of various organizations when releases are produced, but I have to vent a little:

I'm personally getting tired of the DE freezing/locking up randomly when using Google Chrome unstable with Gnome 3.0.2.

It's getting really f'n old.

Explain how it is that we cannot manage to get a simple ABI fix update and either be forced to downgrade to 280.13 and still not be compatible with the latest Xorg release or use the beta and still use the non-latest Xorg ABI solution.

Clearly, Xorg 1.10.4-1 is still not happy with even 280.13 not to mention 285.03.

No I'm not going to waste my time do a trace to figure out where X-Windows takes a royal dump. The point of SQA is to white and black box device drivers. I used to do this at NeXT. Syslog doesn't show jack about the lock up.

This is now well over 6 weeks and not a damn word.

In over 11 years using Sid/Experimental this is the first combination release I have experienced system lock ups consistently on a week by week basis.

I put the blame on all of the above: Linux 3 is a POS and hopefully 3.1 fixes the device driver abortions like SATA DVD support.

Nvidia never should have released the beta until the ABI was compatible with Xorg 1.11.1. Or are you guys going to tell us that you won't release 285 Final until Xorg-Server 1.11.2 is released in early November? I sure as hell hope not. If so, then I'll just move over to AMD sooner rather than later knowing the OpenCL 1.1 driver is solid and get the Bulldozer box the moment it's out and ditch Intel on Linux.

Xorg 1.11.1 itself is a POS and a dead end solution.

Gnome-Shell is still a work-in-progress and hopefully the stability issues are resolved with 3.2.

KDE 4.6.5 in Debian also has lock up issues so I'm putting this squarely on the inability of the driver, Xorg and the f'n kernel to cohabitat without stomping on each other.

The Linux Kernel is 15 years and running and yet this release is one of the biggest POS ever.

Glad I've got OS X as my other Dev Box.
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Default Re: 285.03 + Xorg pre 1.11.1 and Debian Sid Kernel 3.001

What problem do you experience with 275.28 ? As some users that use GNOME gets' slowdowns & such. I can't confirm as I use KDE4. ( on a side note 1.11.1 + latest nVidia drivers really got some major memory leaks and high CPU usage with composition fixed so that the system is usable again after a few months of being a pain )
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Default Re: 285.03 + Xorg pre 1.11.1 and Debian Sid Kernel 3.001

Just downgrade xorg to 1.11.0 and everything just works fine.
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