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Squishy Dude
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Default question about pc piracy.

I was wondering why the game companies or even Microsoft couldn't just make something

where the user could not rename the exe file or overwrite the exe file in only the games folder

everywhere else the user can do this for mod capability.

is it some kinda of legal problems because of this?

or make some kind of program that can tell a difference in the code from the original file if they

try and overwrite any in the games folder only.

my 2cents
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Default Re: question about pc piracy.

There is always a way round. Everyday developers, publishers and anti piracy providers consider such things and weight up the pros and cons.

Is the measure to intrusive?
The cost of R&D only to have it broken in a few days?
User feedback? Do they want to appear like heartless where as other devs come across as community minded (Ubisoft vs CDProjeckt is a good example)

I feel the publishers are moving away from such measures and heading towards DLC to try and avoid piracy, plus they can offer pre order DLC that is account locked to try and make more on 2nh hand sales. 2 birds with one stone.
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Resident Alien
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Default Re: question about pc piracy.

Easy solution? make more good multiplayer games.

Also, stop ****ing over pc gamers with ****ty console ports.
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Default Re: question about pc piracy.

It cost Ubisoft something like 26 million dollars to come up with the online DRM check for the Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed series, and look at what happened. The servers that did the check were DDoSed over the weekend and the legit customers were left with a game they couldn't play. In the end, Ubisoft GAVE customers a free game as an apology, and I'm sure that cost even more than the total combined sales of both series.

It's sad, really. I think they're completely oblivious as to what's going on. Some retard comes up with scary figures and pitches it to a suit in corporate. Next thing you know, it's crap after crap of completely useless DRM that has no impact. The only ones they hurt are the legit customers. Anyone else remember when Ubisoft used a pirating group's crack for their own STEAM release? Hilarious.

In a way, you have to take a step back and think about the whole DRM thing. It's not they're trying to thwart pirating all together, they're just trying to slow it down so they can maximize day-1/week-1 sales. That's all they care about.

The game industry sucks balls right now. It's really sad about the state that it's gotten into. They can blame piracy all they want, but without a proper R&D Team their titles will always lack in quality compared the the gems of the Golden Age of PC gaming. All it is, is DLC after DLC like crainger said. Hate the game? They'll fix it with DLC or a patch. Want that content? DLC. Expansion? You know the rest...
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Default Re: question about pc piracy.

Yay, lets take away features of my operating system.

Also you don't need to install a game in the games folder... So...
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