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Default Re: Distribution downgrade and now poor performance with h264/mplayer/vdpau on G210

How can you comment on my settings when you don't know what files I'm using it for? Each setting was chosen for a reason for a particular type and doesn't impact other types in any way, I haven't just chucked in some random settings for the sake of it.

I play the following, and only the following, all with English audio.

DVB-S(2) recordings, HD and SD, The Surround option was added to give surround sound for 2ch. As you say, this option has no impact on 5.1 recordings and mimicks how a hardware decoder would behave. Certain recordings wouldn't find the correct audio track if not using lavf and lavf hasn't caused any problems for me personally, hence it stays.

MakeMKV Blu-ray rips/streams, without explicitly specifying my codec preference I would end up with the wrong track, iirc I would get regular DD over TrueHD.

DVD, like I said previously, showing forced subs only would be the same behaviour as a set-top player. If I predominantly watch english videos and disable this, I'd have to explicitly enable it every time I watched a dvd, why would I want to do that? I don't really like how mplayer handles this, if forced subtitles are present, I can't see why you'd ever not want to see them. You can't turn this off on a regular hardware player.

Anyway, this is getting way off-topic and this current issue is resolved so this thread serves no purpose now.
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