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Default Re: [BUG] Regular Freezes - NVRM: Xid (0000:02:00)

The problems seem to persist after a reboot too ; my computer got to the point where it refused to even boot Plymouth (the Ubuntu pretty bootloader) (it would boot the loader on a LiveUSB but not any further - I don't think it could initialize the card). Windows would boot fine though...
I agree with you, when I do have a crash due to NVRM:Xid's on the next boot I will soon get a few more Xid's shortly after boot, but the system will run fine for quite some time (24 hours) and run Boinc Cuda apps during the night, but the next day it is almost sure to freeze when I run wine games again.

With any driver after 275.09.07, I would be lucky to use the computer for a few hours without a hard freeze due to Xid errors.

I am sure getting sick of posting on these forums and it seems Nvidia could care less. I've got 3 GTX 480's in SLI, I spent the money now its time for Nvidia to support the hardware they sold me. I am seriously beginning to consider the alternative and just begin using this machine to crunch Boinc and get a new machine with ATI cards.

At least they're a bit more open on their site and they have a public bugzilla system, unlike Nvidia. (Too bad you need to register to check out the ATI bugzilla)
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