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Honestly, the 5800 Ultra is a very nice card. The vanilla 5800 is similar, however, not as likely to overclock- nor does it have the badness factor (open to interpretation...)
The 5800 Ultra is extremely rare. Most were sold as reference cards that were actually hand-built for nVidia. This includes hand-picked cores and extremely fast Samsung DDR2 rated for 1100Mhz. People love to sneer at the cooling solution, which is noisy- however it is also very effective and quite a marvel to look at.
If you carefully look at the fill-rate of these cards you will see that the core is able to keep-pace with the newer 'refreshed' 59xx series. However, the advantage goes to the original nV30 simply based on clockspeed- most reference 5800U's will exceed 550 Mhz core clock with the factory cooling solution (some even higher). The 128 bit memory bus is really only a disadvantage at very high resolutions with AA.
...at any rate, enjoy the card. Too bad you couldn't have gotten an Ultra. I thought PNY still had some for sale on E-Bay?

Here is the little-known nVidia 5800 web page, check-out the 3-D 'board tour' listed at the lower left

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The 5800 that is beeing discussed....is it an Ultra?
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I feel quite lucky to have owned a 5800 Ultra on the release dates. I hunted for a long time to find a supplier that would be getting them in first... i had to pay through the noise for it though. 389 + VAT + Delivery i believe it was. Took it basically to just over 400 ($800?).

However while i owned it i did really love it, the cooling solution that people hated i actually quite liked. You see it had the great advantage of blowing all the hot air out the back of the case... so the same system with a Rad9700pro in it actually ran a tad hotter than the one with the 5800u.

The cards themselves u could tell were NV built too, very heavy, oozed quality. It really was quite an experience to own one - not like anything ive ever bought before, and the only time ive bought a card that early and paid that much. :S The only reason i sold it on was because i couldnt afford to keep it and buy a new card when NV replaced it so.....

Mine was made by Terratec btw, which just basically meant terratec stuck a sticker on it lol. But having a graphics card with DDRII @ 1Ghz was just CRAZY. Id love to know how they perform now with the ForceWare, i had a feeling at the time (with everyone else) that premature drivers really did hold it back a lot. Had they been a bit more ready maybe its demise wouldnt have been so sudden.

It wasent a BAD card, just not quite ready for the mass's and a bit before its time.

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Rob, I still have my 5800 Ultra that I purchased 'the day it came out', like you. By today's standards, it's certainly not a 'world-beater' when running anti-aliasing, however overall performance and stability has improved dramatically with the newer 50-series drivers (and even the 45.33 was quite good). Like you said- when I opened the (very heavy) shipping package, I was in awe of the obviously superior build quality of the card itself. THIS is the card that I was greeted with upon opening the box. Eventually I will retire this product to my video card museum, but I'm too busy enjoying it still...

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Default 5800

post some benches for unreal games if you get the chance,and
enjoy the card.
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xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Let's stop the name calling - Thanks
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I have a gf3 and everyone calls me Albert ( in a relative way ) As I said earlier I want a card to play gomes on without feeling tempted to volt mod it and rip the cooling off, also a backup. I want to hack my 4800SE which is doing that roll at the moment.

Seems a nice card, it does 500/1070 or so without anything doing to it. I shall use it at 475/1000 for games and see how it goes.

I have been playing SOF2 today, not one of the most up to date games of course, but this along with RTCW are what I normally play when I am not doing RTS or Civ2. Won't be cpu limited anyhow. It's been pretty good actually. At 1280x1024 and 2AA /8AF it ranged 55-70 fps in FRAPS going down to 45fps occasionally. With the GF4 I always played 1024x768 with no AA/AF and it did similar fps. The game is looking a bit old now though

Downloading Unreall II demo to give it more of a workout. Guess I'll be back to 1024x768

Did a bit of 3dmark .. 19.5k in 01 and 5900 in 03, not too shabby. It does tend to downclock itself though showing it gets a bit flustered when at 500Mhz.

Hope you are having a good Xmas all ! Here's a festive smilie


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I own a 5800 and it is a nice card. Makes no noise (has the small fan, not the Ultra fan) and outperforms every thing below 9800 and 5900 cards. I would only recommend it if it was part of an obsolete stock clearance sale and significantly cheaper than a 9800pro or 5900. Paying more than about US$150 right now would be crazy.

Comparison of 80 graphics cards: http://www.ixbt-labs.com/articles2/over2003/index.html

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Default Re: Just ordered a 5800 for $350

Originally posted by zakelwe
This will be my first venture into a 4x2 pipeline world of nvidia so I thought I'd buy the first 0.13 micron DDR2 part ever produced.

True, you can get quicker for less ( and I can afford the whole range so no point carping on about the 5900 non ultra ) but this is history in the making, the next ( slightly wobbly as it turned out ) step .

It's even green and has the nvidia recommened heatsink.

Lets say the Rolls Royce Phantom of the graphics world. Another glass of champers vicar, while we roll along ?

I have a warm sort of historical glow enveloping me, and it is even the rosier for the thought that Hellbinder has to accept that nvidia is still making money out of these cards 12 months later ..chuckle ..


For this very reason, i also want a NV30; whether it is 5800U or 5800NU.


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BestBuy still sells the BFG Technologies Asylum GeForce FX 5800 Ultra 128MB DDR-2 AGP Graphics Card for $399.99 from there website.

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"Item is currently on backorder Usually ready to ship in 5-7 business days
I wonder if they really will have any? I haven't seen a 5800U for sale in a long, long time.
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