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It reminds me of the Dig, which also took years to be released and sucked big time then. It was first announced in 1991 (as long as I can remember) and pathetically hit the shelves in 1995. Well, if the sucking-level of a game is proportional to its release date delay, no doubt DNF will... er... not rock.

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If the producers of DNF would stop watching porno during their work hours, and stop fondling eachother then the game might see the light of day within 4 to 6 years, LOL .

Personally, I hope it never comes out. Even though I have always liked the Duke Nuken games, I believe that if DNF ever came out it will suck.
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DNF is vaporware, just like 3D Realms' other project....PREY.

It has been in development since 1997, and since then we have had so many sequels, eg, Unreal 2, JK2, Doom 3, HL2, etc and so many advances in technology that DNF is just doomed to failure.
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Prey was cancelled years ago.
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I think they should call it, "Duke Nukem 2xxx" Cause I bet, it will come out this millennium.

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Ninja Prime
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I still maintain that it will be awesome when it does come out.

All this Nukem talk makes me want to install Duke 3-d and play some of that multiplayer goodness...
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I still refuse to call this game "Duke Nukem Forever".

One person years ago on this very forum coined a more appropriate name - DuKaitana!!
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