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Default Is the quicksave in XIII completely useless?

It doesn't make sense to me. The checkpoints allow you to start there if you die during the mission and CONTINUE. If you restart the game (even if you save or "quicksave") you start from the beginning of the level.

So what is the function of the quicksave somebody please clue me in here?

It's not like the quicksave in MaxPayne or Call of Duty for example. I think maybe it's simply a shortcut to saving in the actuall menu but we've come to know the term "quicksave" as save anywhere.
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I always saved my game whenever i reached a new checkpoint (F5). The game only allow you to start from the most recent checkpoint. You saved your game, did ya? Seriously, i think this saving system is just utter crap. I hate the console way.
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Oh man, I was just getting this from my wife yesterday too! She finally gave XIII a try and didn't come up for air until about 4-5 hours later.

It IS a bad quicksave system, and the F5 key is just a short-cut to save at the level start...but it's pretty much my only bitch with the game so far. (I'm in love with XIII! It's a toss-up 'tween XIII, MP2, and GTA_VC for me right now for my game-o-the-year award.)
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Yup . its completely useless . why dont just they let us to save wherever we want just like every other FPS game ??
i dont like to repeat the whole sh!t just for one mistake !
hmmm & i noticed that most of Ubisofts games use the checkpoint saving unlike the others! ...ex : BGE , POP:TSOT , XIII .. etc
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