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Post Guild Wars 2 Beta: Video tour of three major cities

Cities in Guild Wars 2 are gigantic'as in 'takes ten minutes to run around the city' gigantic. They're so big, in fact, that I got lost in human capital city, Divinity's Reach. I wandered down a side street and, like a true tourist, couldn't find the path out of the neighborhood on my way to the crafting center. Each city has districts, networks of dark alleys, giant forges, and hundreds of NPCs living out their digital lives. We've put together some videos of our run around Divinity's Reach, Hoelbrak, and The Black Citadel to help give you an idea of just how massive and detailed each of these capitals are.

Black Citidel

This industrial city is the Charr capital of Tyria. Various steampunk and mechanical elements speak to the founders of the city, the Charr's Iron Legion. If you've got a thing for gigantic machinery and glowing orange furnaces, you'll feel right at home in the Black Citadel.


After the forces of Jormag attacked, the Norn were forced from the Far Shiverpeaks to start anew in Hoelbrak. At the center of the city, the Fang of Jormag rests as a reminder of their need to take back their home. It is said that when a Norn shatters the fang, it will signal the time to take back the Far Shiverpeaks.

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