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Default HTC one X V's HTC one XL

From what i understand the one XL is the international version of the one X. The XL uses a snapdragon dual core 1.5ghz and the One X uses a Nvidia tegra 3 Quad core @ 1.5 ghz. The One XL has 16mb or storage where as the One X has 32mb storage. However the only upperhand that the One XL has is the LTE compatibility... Other than that its been proven the battery life on the One X is superior to the One XL.

Heres a vid of the 2 being compared over multiple benchmarks..

Heres also another in depth comparison of features...


HTC One XL (S4): 4117 native, 161 Java
HTC One X (Tegra 3): 9997 native, 311 Java

CF Bench
HTC One XL (S4): 9531
HTC One X (Tegra 3: 13,719

Antutu Benchmark
HTC One XL (S4): 6693
HTC One X (Tegra 3): 10788

Quadrant Standard
HTC One XL (S4): 4668
HTC One X (Tegra 3): 4780

HTC One XL (S4): 3002/2669
HTC One X (Tegra 3): 4453/2697

HTC One XL (S4): 5669 50fps
HTC One X (Tegra 3): 7325 65fps


As you can see the One X is clearly the winner and the next phone i will be buying.
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