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Post Evidon and Adobe Tag Manager Privacy Solution Launches!

Adobe and Our New Consent Solutions Make Marketing More Responsible

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Adobe. The integration will enable Adobe clients to access our market-leading privacy controls directly though Adobe TagManager, and help them comply with global privacy regulations easily, across all domains, advertisements, applications, and devices. In phase I, they'll use Evidon InForm to help consumers control their behavioral advertising preferences, including giving them a mechanism to provide their consent to be tracked for OBA'a key requirement of the ePrivacy Directive.

This partnership is significant for two reasons:

First: It will help to ensure the safe use of consumer data at 'internet scale.'

It goes without saying that Adobe has a number of great tools to help marketers leverage data and drive better results. By integrating privacy tools into TagManager, Adobe is now ensuring that their clients capitalize on 'big data' and use those tools responsibly, with respect for consumer privacy. That not only helps them comply, it makes them brand heroes to consumers.

The Evidon 'privacy tag' will be activated through the Adobe SiteCatalyst tag, which is ubiquitous across the Internet. That makes it simple for marketers to activate privacy control, and it means privacy assurance for consumers at massive scale. It also means that, as regulations change, privacy controls adapt with them'clients will be able to modify their notice and choice solution on the fly through the tag.

This is good for everyone'from consumers, to the advocates and regulators trying to protect them, to businesses like yours, saving you the time and expense of managing this yourself.

Second: It brings the newest, most robust consent tools to market.

Adobe clients will empower consumers and demonstrate their compliance with the ePrivacy Directive in the most comprehensive way possible. Released this week (with a final interface coming on its heels), the Evidon 'robust implied consent' solution was designed in concert with European regulators, privacy experts, businesses and consumers themselves. We built it to give people an easy way to provide their consent to be tracked, consistent with regulators' guidance on how to comply with the Directive, including clear disclosure of all tags and cookies, clear descriptions of each, and an easy way to turn tracking on or off.

Contrary to some information you may have seen out there, businesses in the UK do not need to get consumers consent prior to their data being collected'that's an 'explicit consent' model, and it may be required by some EU member states at some point, but it isn't in the UK.

The new robust implied consent looks like this:

Evidon delivers a consent notice icon on websites, in the right language, automatically. The icon is accompanied by a few sentences that describe the site's data collection policies and how users can exercise choice.

Clicking the cookie consent icon brings up a customizable tool with info about data collection and usage, rich detail about the vendors behind it, and the ability to provide consent.

For those who decide to go the stricter route and deploy an explicit consent model, the solution that's consistent with regulatory guidance looks like this:

So hats off to Adobe (and other partners who will be implementing our newest consent solutions shortly) for taking a big step to make marketing as responsible as it is effective, and for helping to foster greater trust online.

For your own personal tour of our implied consent solution (and our explicit consent solution), contact us.

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