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Post E3 round-up: day three

What kind of day has it been? A day for chugging wine from crystal carafes in the sun? Perhaps. For some. But not for those trapped deep in the bowels of the LA Convention Centre. For them it has been a day of sweat, coffee, damp T-shirts, elbows and short periods of unconsciousness. A small price to pay for details on the games we can look forward to playing during the course of the next year or so.

Much information has entered the wild today. But how can so much knowledge be condensed into one short space? We could distil the essence of each story into a sonorous medley of wind chimes, perhaps? Wait, no. A LIST. Of course. We shall arrange a list, and put each point next to a tiny red square. And that will be E3: Day Three.

  • Everybody STOP. John Carmack is making a virtual reality headset. Kits will apparently be available to buy shortly. Oh my. Okay. RESUME.
  • Dawnguard details emerge, revealing a magic mount, armoured trolls and some deadly new vampire abilities.
  • Some E3 screenshots for Tomb Raider appear.
  • The mysterious second character that appeared at the end of Ubisoft's live demo of Watch Dogs was in fact a second player. TWIST.
  • Owen explains why he's really not into Microsoft's Smartglass idea.
  • Evan goes hands-on with Neverwinter, and is reminded of Dragon Age 2.
  • Bioware detail some of the class changes coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic with patch 1.3.
  • Rumour has it that Bohemia employee and DayZ creator, Rocket, has been told to work on the mod full-time by Bohemia.
  • Agent 47 practices a few poses in these Hitman: Absolution screenshots.
  • A blurry gun terrifies a poor, startled man in the latest Sleeping Dogs screenshots.
  • An EA exec snipes at Steam sales, saying that they devalue the IP of the games involved.
  • Drones! Guns! Stubble! Splodes! All this and not much more in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 screenshots.
  • Here are a few screens and a bit of video for Lucasart's dark and gritty galaxy far, far away. It'sStar Wars 1313.
  • Expect maximum pew and medium wub from this Shootmania Storm trailer.
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter pits players against their fellows in this multiplayer trailer.
  • We get a lesson in gormlessness from this trailer from Spec Ops: The Line.
  • Do we have a Hell Yeah! preview? Hell yeah we do.
  • Jon casts a critical eye over Far Cry 3, and provides the E3 trailer for your perusal.
  • Lovely skies and massive guns are all the rage in these Borderlands 2 screens.
  • It seems sad to end the day with death, but this is Dark Souls we're talking about. This footage forces a man to fight a giant white Manticore, an experience he simply Mantican't survive.

It's been a busy E3 so far. In fact, we're starting to run out of tiny red squares. You can catch up with all the happenings up to this point with our day one round-up and our day two round-up. What has been your game of the show so far?

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