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Default Mandrake 9.2 as Internet gateway for small local network

Hi all!

First of all: I'm a Linux-newbie, so please be kind to me ;-)

I'd like to use Mandrake 9.2 as an Internet gateway for my network... Does anybody know where I could find some info on this? I already installed the server and it sees both cards eth0 and eth1, eth1 for the local network doesn't seem to work, although the configuration is ok... I cannot connect to the server from my workstation (also running Mandrake 9.2...)

My configuration looked like this before I installed Mandrake on the server:

A Windows server connected to the local network using one card: for the server on the local card, and DHCP on the second card to the cable modem. Wingate as internet gateway where I could configure all ports for traffic in and out (like port 80 for http, 1080 for socks, 21 for ftp etc...)
I then installed Mandrake on my workstation, configured the proxy settings as mentioned above and everything worked...

Then I installed Mandrake on the server, and it tells me the next:
1. both network cards have been configured properly, in the configuration center I see eth0 as DHCP, eth1 as static
2. I can use the internet from the server, so this also works.

I cannot ping the server from my workstation or the other way around, although both have the same subnet masks (, and the IP's are configured as they should... Server and workstation and they still don't see eachother.

Maybe it's because my server name is some odd name I got from the cable provider like "comp9999.something.gawex.pl" and not "tango" as it used to be???

Can anybody help me???

Thanks a lot in advance!


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I use a firewall builder program called shorewall quite succesfully, it makes it fairly easy to setup a Dynamic Network Address Traslation configuration on your box. I personally use debian stable, but I can't recommend it unless you have a week of free time on your hands lol. As far as I know mandrake includes shorewall from the word go, so check it out!

for docs goto www.shorewall.net, i'd be happy to share my shorewall configuration files over email, their not great up they work well enough my 5 pc network, eg KaZaa and games through the server.
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I was exactly in the same situation as yours 1 month ago. I decided then to build my home network: 1 firewall/router and 1 client.
I used Redhat 9 but Mandrake is very similar. You should split the
problem in 2 stages:
1) configure your local network
2) configure the firewall.

1) It looks like your 2 local network cards ( on the server and on the workstation ) are fine.
If you want to ping , be sure to desable the firewall that comes with Mandrake installation on both systems because some firewall could make the system you are trying to ping invisible ( rejecting ICMP packets )
Do a ping "by IP adress" like ping
After that you'll have to configure the /etc/hosts files to match the names you'll give to the systems with their IP adresses.

2) For the router/firewall, I uses the Firestarter program ( you can use Turtlefirewall, but it requires the Webmin application )

Of course, reading the Linux network administrator guide and the the linux networking howto wouldn't hurt
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