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Post Far Cry 3?s Outpost App Lets You Log On As You Log On

A few months before Far Cry 3 was released, I was given a glimpse at the multiplayer and a social network phone application that would let you fiddle with the main game's weapons. Then the game came out and there was nothing of the sort included. I got paranoid, presuming it to be part of a conspiracy. To what end? I imagined that when the game came out and it didn't arrive, people wouldn't trust anything I said about phones ever again. Then one day I'd be beaten, left for dead, and a bystander would run up and ask me if I needed help? I'd tell them to call for an ambulance, but they'd say: 'You're the guy that said I could use my phone to unlock guns in Far Cry 3?s multiplayer, you don't get to use my phone anymore.' They'd put their phone away and no ambulance would ever come. Ubisoft released the damn app last night. I unlocked my bunker door, sacked my bodyguard, and came out of hiding. To celebrate, here's the trailer for the app.

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