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Default Help with Upgrade

I create videos of the sermons and worship service at our church and have been wanting to upgrade my system to speed up the editing process but don't know how much difference I'd see, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has opinions on that. What I have now is a Core 2 Duo E8600 (3.3 Ghz) with 8 Gig of RAM and editing the 1080p 60fps videos I get out of my Panasonic Camcorder takes quite a bit of time. What I've been doing is use VirtualDub and AviSynth to down convert the MTS files to a 720p 30fps uncompressed avi file first which allows me to cut them really close and add fade-in and fade-out for the final version. Then I create a DVD and also upload them to YouTube.

So I take about 6 to 12 Gigs of MTS files which are shot at 1080p 60fps and create a 720p 30fps uncompressed file to edit, which takes over an hour to create before I can cut the beginning and end out of the uncompressed avi file and add fade in and fade out to make a nice clean sermon or worship service video. This works well but takes a lot of time so I was wondering just how much faster this would happen if I had an I7 3770, and if 16 Gig of memory would speed it up any over the 8 Gig I have now. To be honest when I moved from Win7 32bit 3GB memory to Win7 64bit 8GB of memory I'm not sure I seen any speed improvement. Of course VirtualDub is a 32bit APP so I didn't know if I'd see a change or not. But moving from the C2D to an I7 would definitely improve the CPU power but I'm not sure how much difference I'd see. So if anyone has any input on this I'd really like to hear it.

Of course input on my editing process if welcome too, because I know I'm not doing it the best way. I've already started looking into using CyberLink PowerDirector11 so I can cut one of my passes out, making the uncompressed avi file. But I haven't really tried it out yet. What I like about what I'm doing is the uncompressed avi file allows me to cut on a per frame basis which give me really fine control over the editing process. Another question, would PowerDirector11 allow me to add Audio Fade In-Out when I add the Video Fade In-Out. Right now I have to do that after I create the final video because I don't know of anyway to do that with VirtualDub.

So any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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