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I remember now why I didn't go for a mirroring configuration when I was setting my computer up. Mirroring protects against bad sectors/HD failures. But, if you get a bad install on something that screws your OS up, you are kinda screwed at that point. This has happened to me several times. After restoring an image, everything was running again. If I had just been mirroring, the problem would not be that easily fixed since it would have been replicated on all drives.
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you dont nessarlly need exact drivers to run RIAD.....to be a smart ass you can span the drivers and you are still running a RAID configuration....

but seriously, you can run say...2 40 gig drivers, of diffrent makes as long as the apindel speed is the same...ie...7200rpm or 5400rpm......

I was running and array for a wile with 3 30 gigs and 1 40 gig, all u100 maxtors...i just cut 10 gigs off the 40 gig....
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Originally posted by saturnotaku
IIRC, in order to use RAID, the two drives have to be identical, same size, brand, model, etc.
They don't have to be, its jsut recommended as otherwise you a) waste the size difference on the larger disk
b) i cant remeber
c) if you ahve different brands they are more reliable, when mirroring, as chances are if you buyt hem at the same time they are formt he same batch, so they will likely die at the same time when being used int he same way.
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