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Default Does WD Rapter lose performance when using converter?

And also which is the best converter if anyone knows any?

I am thinking of getting a Raptor but my mobo doesnt have a SATA option...

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hmmm.. well i dunno for sure, but i wouldnt think so. the performance is coming from the 10,000 rpms, not necessairly the ata150 that sata supports... but.. i dunno, just a guess
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You won't lose any performance from the converter, just the hot-swap capabilities AFAIK. Hard drive sustained rates (and I think burst rates too) don't even come close to the ATA-133 limit, much less the SATA-150 mark.
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Andrew LB
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If you are using them in RAID, yes... you will loose performance.

With my setup, i'm hitting over 100mb/s. IIRC, converters on most boards limit you to 100mb/s.
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