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Originally posted by cthellis
Seriously, I think ATi and nVidia should concentrate on making WAY more models next generation! I mean, I can still almost tell them apart right now, so they have a lot further to go to utterly confuse the discerning buyer.
That's true, ATI should've released the 9300 and 9400, and Nvidia should've released a 5100, 5300, and 5400. And just to make it interesting, they should have the most powerful card of the bunch be the lowest numbered one (a-la the 8500 to the 9000). Oh, or better yet, maybe they should've turned those zeros into something else. Like the GeforceFX 5358, or the ATI 9216. Maybe they could even go as far as decimal places, like the FX5674.2, or the ATI 9302.5. And then of course they'd have the various versions of the pro, ultra, XT, LE, and MX of all those cards. They could've easilly gotten a product line of over a hundred cards out of one chipset, what were they thinking
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Originally posted by Edge
Hmm, might want to kick the AA down to 2x and AF up to 4x. There's visually almost no difference between 2xAA and 4xAA (but a big performance hit!), but a very minimal performance hit from lvl4 Aniso compaired to lvl2. Just a suggestion
Well, I took your advice and started playing that way. It is a bit difficult to tell the AF for me though since it looks great to begin with, though I noticed the effect of switching from 4xAA to 2xAA.

Kids happy and that is pretty much all that matters to me right now. I'll be happy when I got my NV40. Thanks for the advice.


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Why be so limiting on the letter combinations? I mean, if they start at the beginning of the alphabet and go on there are 676 options to choose from! And they certainly don't have to be satisfied with using them a paltry once...!

I'll be a happy camper when I get my Radeon 9913.8 AA Ultra-Pro XT!
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So it looks like another XT, Ultra, and SE combination to go along with benchmarking against 5200, 5700, 5900 and their derivations!

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