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Default nforce3/ 2.6.3 /AMD64 can't get AGP enabled

I have a shuttle SN85G4, running an AMD 3200+
on gentoo
Nvidia driver 5332 for AMD64
I tried the different NVAGP options
with or without AGPGART built in the kernel and AMD64 AGP activated
to no avail.

when I cat /proc/driver/nvidia for agp status it lists it as disabled
and I get poor performances in 3D with glxgear,
and sound skipping sometime if I move windows around.

I get
AGPGART: unable to retrieve symbol table in the system messages.

Is it that the agp chipset on my motherboard is not supported by the 2.6.3 kernel ?
Any ideas or workaround,
Is their announced dates for the NVagp to support that chipset internally ?
Any help appreciated )
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Make sure you configure the kernel with support for the K8 GART and load the corresponding backend module, amd64-agp.ko.
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ahhhh, ok stupid me, one problem solved
that was it for the agp problem
I had the option in the kernel , but didn't notice it was comming as an additionnal module

So now I have AGP enabled at 8x, (no fast write on the /proc / card side though ? )
everything looks fine in XFree log
But I still get low glxgear performances (about 900)
(I have a geforce 5600 with AMD 3200+)

and the sound is still skipping from time to time, that's annoying :\
it's mainly when some special kind of redraw occurs it seems
it's weird, because sometime I can stress the X server, by moving heaving windows around, eating 100% of the cpu while playing mp3 and it won't skip
and sometime just having the web browser displaying a page will get the sound to skip.
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