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Default agreed

" I thought Oblivion Lost was fine"

I thought Oblivion Lost gave the game a more of an otherworldly feel. A sort of "our world has moved on" kinda thing. But now they add Chernobyl. Sounds like a political thing now. Leave politics to the real world. I want apocalyptic angles. lol On another note, it would be coolness of a portion of the game proceeds were going to be spent on easing the suffering of the victoms of the Chernobyl incident.

Fatman forgot to mention his uncles urine glows green at night time. ;0) No more need for a night light. j/k
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I don't really see why it'd be a political thing. Sounds like a classic, "Radiation creates mutants," premise.
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Default r


I do like those screens shots...
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Originally posted by Edge
Yeah the new title is kinda strange. I thought Oblivion Lost was fine, but now not only are companies silly enough to think that every game needs a subtitle, but they're also giving them bad subtitles and changing the subtitle halfway through the game. I can't wait until "Stalker 2: The Search for Oblivion Which was Lost in the Last Game" comes out. Actually I'm not even sure why they're basing it on a real-world location, it's not like any of the things they'll show in the game are even remotely similar to what it will actually be like overthere.

Anyway, it looks pretty nice, about what I expected. Looking forward to this one, it would be awesome if it had some kind of "persistant world" online play where you're all in the same huge environment with dozens of other people (hey, I can dream, can't I?). Though I'm getting worried about all these FPS games coming out next year...last year we only had 1 or 2 good releases, but now it seems like we'll be getting a new FPS every month of 2004. Not that I mind having more choices, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing...
If I remember right its an rpg not an fps.
The hunt is on!
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