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Default nForce2 chipset+mic not working

I've got a shuttle xpc sn41g2 based on nForce2 chipset running under slackware 9.
I've installed Linux nForce drivers without any problems on my distro but i've noticed that my microphone dont work.

I've sent a report bug to nvdia with no response.

Does anyone had the same problem?

"May the source be with you"
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I have seen posts on Abit boards indicating that there were hardware problems on some of their early nForce2 boards. While I can't say I know, I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up in earlier Abit boards (like my NV7-133R) and perhaps those of other manufacturers.

On my board, the mic records, but at a nearly inaudible level. If you are seeing similar symptoms, I would really suggest hitting the motherboard manufacturer's site to see what you can find. It is entirely possible that the microphone jack has been miswired, and doesn't work properly as a result.
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I am not sure that this is the same problem but also with a SN41G2 and I was not able to get and volume through the MIC input on a new RH 8 install.


NVIDIA Netword,Sound and Video

Network and Video were great but sound was dodgy (played sometimes with poor quality and very unstable

Pulled the box apart looking for missing cables etc before I installed most recent alsa drivers. Worked great for sound out but still had VERY VERY low volume on the mic and about to give up on my MythTV dream when playing with alsamixer happened to see a control which selects microphone input (at work now don't know the control name). Changed it from Mic1 to Mic2 and almost destroyed my speakers (as the Volume was turned up to 100%)

Now works great now trying to get sound using btaudio of my video capture card.

So my suggestion

1 Find out if there is some native sound control to do this
2. If not (or do it anyway) get ALSA

Follow the documentation it is pretty good


and turn down the volume when turning on the right mic setting

BTW. I am not able to get the mic setting to be set by alsactl all other settings are sticking !!!

I hope this helps
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Same problem here. I've installed succesfully the alsa driver, and the output works well, but i cannot use the microphone, I can't hear anything, when i speak into the mic.

Mandrake 9.2, ABIT NF7-S, newest Nforce driver

Could you help me? Thanks in advance!

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