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Default freedesktop.org nvidia drivers?

Is there a chance, that nvidia brings us drivers for freedesktop.org?
this would be really good, since the new xfree has been rejected by many distros, because of the new license.
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I think that the best answer is "not yet". While porting the XF driver to FD would be fairly straightforward (FD is a fork afterall), you will probably not see NVidia support untill one or two of the major distros pick it up.

Thank you for your time,
Frank Russo
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Default Maybe sooner than later

Word on the streets (so to speak) is that the change lisencing of XFree86 versoin 4.4 is causing a big hoopla at the moment. Many distros (Madrake and Gentoo are two that I know of) have held off of using any 4.4 versions (at least officially) for the time being. Check out the following:


In there, is a link which discusses all of this in more detail. There are a lot of opinions and such, but it's forcing people to take a closer look at freedesktop.orgs Xserver. I'd be nice to see it become a more viable option, as the features for FDO look pretty sweet.

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Funded: Daniel Stone as Release Manager for fd.o XServer
We're proud to announce our sponsorship of Australian student Daniel Stone, who promises to work at a breakneck pace to complete an initial release of the FreeDesktop.org XServer, scheduled for mid-March.

This is excellent news. And even better news , I was able to get ahold of a real Nvidia tech on the phone and was informed that Nvidia WILL be making / maintaning drivers for fd.o. If fact he said they will basically be the same drivers, just a few changes.
folow this thread
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