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anyone have any ideas at all? Half the performance of win2k is totally unacceptable with these drivers.
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I'm having the same problem too, despite running a custom kernel with various compile time optimizations, tuning my hd with hdparm and disabling unused services. The best I can do with glxgears with my GeForce2 MX 100/200 is 400~ fps in 24 bit and 900~ fps in 16 bit color. Quake3 runs 20-30 fps slower in Linux than WinXP with the exact same display settings.

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Default Re: tests:

Originally posted by Arach
I have yet to test with acpi=off, but here are my previous tests. All tests are run after reboot, "clean" system except for the applications running.

Geforce4 MX 440,
Athlon tbird 1.4GHz
Via KT400 chipset <--problem??

24/32 bit
glxgears: normal window
tenmillion area=100 texture light zbuffer

glxgears 730.400 FPS
geometry rate: 488513 triangles/sec
fill rate: 48.851 Mpixels/sec

3656 frames in 5.0 seconds = 731.200 FPS
geometry rate: 486562 triangles/sec
fill rate: 48.656 Mpixels/sec

3671 frames in 5.0 seconds = 734.200 FPS
geometry rate: 488642 triangles/sec
fill rate: 48.864 Mpixels/sec

Note, theres virtually no difference between the drivers used for AGP (The difference you see fall down as statistical noise) and this would be the problem as I can tell it.

Bios is set as force 4x AGP mode (Linux has no agp8x support in 2.4 series)

So really, should there be no change between drivers, or is something quite messy here?
SuSE has had AGP x8 from since version 8.2.

Have you guys tried the 4620 driver ?
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Default slow frame rates

I found a similar problem to the ones you guys are haveing,
It turned out to be libgl.so.1 was still symlinked to libmessa.
fixed the symlink to point to nvidia's lib and the fraim rates
doubled. removed some broken links also.
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Default How are these glxgears fps?

I'm running an abit Siluro GF4 ti 4200, Athlon XP 2100+ and a half gig of ram in Fedora core 1 and prebuilt 2.4.22 kernel. 24bit destop of 1280*1024

At stock videos card speeds (250/445) I get about 1450fps
Overclocked (how I run it for games) at 300/540 about 1800

The performance in games is ok, but it gets a bit choppy at times. Should I be expecting better for this system, or is this about as good as I can expect without a new video card?

I've seen reports of a similar system getting 4000+ fps! IIf I really am getting half the potential performance this is a serious problem.
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