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Default unreal tournement and myth2 segmentation fault

hi, Im have a P4 2.8GHz, 512 Mb RAM and NVidia FX5200 video card in Redhat 9.0. The video card work great while I tried playing unreal tournement and myth2 (The instalation of these games not report problems). The error is the same for both:

[pemb@localhost pemb]$ ut
Unreal engine initialized
Bound to SDLDrv.so
Joystick [0] : Unknown Joystick
SDLClient initialized.
Bound to Render.so
Lighting subsystem initialized
Rendering initialized
LoadMap: Entry
Bound to Fire.so
Case-insensitive search: Botpack -> ..\System\BotPack.u
Bound to IpDrv.so
Game class is 'UTIntro'
Level is Level Entry.MyLevel
Bringing Level Entry.MyLevel up for play (0)...
Base Mutator is Entry.Mutator0
Browse: CityIntro.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?tea m=255?skin=SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Oth ello
LoadMap: CityIntro.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?tea m=255?skin=SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Oth ello
Case-insensitive search: genfluid -> ..\Textures\GenFluid.utx
Collecting garbage
Purging garbage
-0.0ms Unloading: Package Render
Garbage: objects: 16419->16416; refs: 224671
Game class is 'UTIntro'
Level is Level CityIntro.MyLevel
Bringing Level CityIntro.MyLevel up for play (0)...
InitGame: ?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=255?skin=So ldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
Base Mutator is CityIntro.Mutator1
Initialized moving brush tracker for Level CityIntro.MyLevel
Created and initialized a new SDL viewport.
Bound to UWeb.so
Team 255
Login: Player
Case-insensitive search: SoldierSkins -> ..\Textures\Soldierskins.utx
Possessed PlayerPawn: TMale2 CityIntro.TMale0
Input system initialized for SDLViewport0
Opening SDL viewport.
Bound to SDLGLDrv.so
Loaded render device class.
Initializing SDLGLDrv...
binding libGL.so.1
Resizing SDL viewport. X: 640 Y: 480
appError called:
Couldn't set video mode: Could not create GL context

Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Executing USDLClient::ShutdownAfterError
Executing USDLViewport::ShutdownAfterError
Signal: SIGIOT [iot trap]
Segmentation fault

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I have never seen a fix for that issue other than get the original UT/Linux not the GOTY edition or installer, alot of people have this issue.

I googled it many times and didnot find a solution.
AthlonXP 2600+ / nForce2 Asus A7N8X-X / PNY GeForce FX5900 Ultra / 1024Mb Samsung Ram /nForce Sound / Hansol 920D Plus 19" monitor / Lite-On 32x12x40 / 2x Maxtor HD 40Gb/80Gb / nVidia 7174 driver / Gnome 2.10.1 / Kernel / Slackware 10.0
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