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Angry has ANYONE got 3d stereo working under Linux yet?

System specs-
PNY GeforceFX 5700 Ultra
Gigabyte K7N Triton Nforce2 MB.
1 gig Corsair Dual DDR PC3200 ram
AMD 2100+ cpu
RedHat 8.0 - Stock Kernel (soon to be 2.6)

I have been pulling my hair out trying to get stereo to work on my unit..
I have tried using the following commands

I have edited the Xfree86 config file and put option "stereo" "1" in the screen section of my display device. is there anyhting Im missing? I cant find hardly ANY information at all regarding configuration and or installation of 3d stereo in Linux for NVIDIA cards,NVIDIAs information is rather sketchy..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you
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Default README.nvidia

did you have a closer look at this?

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Yes, Ive had several close looks at that :-) didnt seem to help much.. the only thing it states is to enable stereo by option stereo 1 which at least didnt help my situation any..
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You haven't read the docs then. The stereo option together with some other options is Quadro specific. Do you have a Quadro card? No.
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Default not entirely true..

I have read in several places that these drivers will support non Quadro GPUs, as soon as I sift around and find the links again, Ill post them here.. Nvidia is known for having features in their drivers that arent "officially" supported..
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Default I have a Quadro and it only partially works

I have been able to use the page flipped stereo with my Quadro4 750 XGL card under linux with the edimensional wireless glasses. The only program I have that works with it is the SGI OpenGL Performer stereo.c sample program.

My guess as to the problem is that there needs to be some call made to the OpenGL library telling it to go into stereo mode, as well as any values pertaining to interocular distance or other necessary stereo parameters. There are probably default values for these, so only a call to enter stereo mode will be absolutely necessary.

From what I can tell, any apps on Linux that are not specifically made to run in stereo will not do so until some sort of separate program is built to turn stereo on, set convergance and interocular distance, etc. I think this is what the Nvidia drivers on Windows do, and the controls are mapped to keystrokes like Ctrl-T for toggling stereo on or off, and Ctrl-F4 and so forth for other settings.

I'll post any new information I find.

If anyone else knows of a utility that does this or if there is some sort of environment variable that can be set to force the Linux driver into stereo mode for all OpenGL apps, let me know.

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Has the code been changed to draw to the different buffers, like:

if (eye_num == LEFTEYE)

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I've used this. It works fine, even on early drivers. As mentioned in an earlier post, you need to use glDrawBuffer(GL_LEFT or GL_RIGHT) (or GL_BACK_LEFT or GL_BACK_RIGHT).

And yes, it needs a quadro. If you look in you X11 log you'll see mention of this fact on non-quadro cards:

(WW) NVIDIA(0): Stereo is only available on Quadro cards

I did in fact get this working on a standard Geforce 2MX card, using some resistor hacks and messing around with the pci calls in the driver interface (to make the driver think it's a quadro.) I've not succeeded in doing this with more recent cards /drivers however, and I now manually sync to the refresh instead.

Given that everything works as stated in the docs, I don't know what the original poster is complaining about.
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