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Default nv linux drivers

I was thinking about buying a newer nv card but was wondering how they perform under linux since both ati and nvidia are almost equal when it comes to windows. For example do you almost get as good as frame rate in windows as in linux since my 9800 gets really crapy in ut2004 i was wondering if nvidia has the same problem in some games.
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well this is an nvidia forum but trying to be as unbias as I can the nvidia linux drivers are in my option better than ATIs. Nvidia has had linux drivers longer and in my opinion should be more stable as a result. While both cards will work in linux for the time being I feel that nvidia is a better investment.
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people are lamenting a lot about nvidias drivers here, but you should have at the suffering of ATI-users.
Three different drivers, every one with special bugs, so no one could be used as a good 'all around driver'.
You may want to read this:

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Thanks for your input, really i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the latest drivers ati decided to release the 3.7.1 not only didnt work on anyones computer using any amd chip but they only added 9800xt support. What crap, so i decided i wasnt going to take this crap from ati and since i have the power of money to tell which company is doing a good job i plan on waiting untill the nv40 comes out and get that. I can wait since i play most of my games in windows anyway. Thanks for trying to be unbiased. The other reason i dont want to buy an ati card is how you install the drivers, from what i here nvidia's drivers are a dream to install and they have 2.6 kernel support.
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