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Default Too bad vietnam runs like crap woulda been great.

Too bad this game runs like **** on ati hardware. Seems dice decided not to code for ati at all or follow the dx8 or 9 spec. I have a uber system and it slows down into the high 20fps or low 30's alot when i zoom or look at certain trees or wall. Th stupid thing is that i can fly and look at the whole map and it runs at 90 to 100 fps. I have been to about a dozen different messageboards and most people with ati cards are havin problems. And no turning the settings down is not the answer. Even if i turn em down it slows down some of you may be able to game at 30fps but i hate it i like 50 and above. Jesus i can run farcry and ut2k4 at 1600 x 1200 with settings maxed and get good performance these ea and dice guys must be complete dumbasses to code that bad.
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