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Default Invisible, WHAT THE HECK!:-)

hey guys, I am having the weirdest issue, I have been using my PNY geforcefx 5600 256mb card for quite some time, but lately i noticed something weird, some applications do not have any visible fonts in them, the fonts are there but they are invisible. For example, Ill open openoffice or abiword, or gftp, or even gaim (on the yellow pop up windows) and the fonts are invisible, I thought it was gnome so I booted into kde and ALL of KDEs fonts are invisible!!! So I thought my font config was messed up so I installed Mandrake 10 onto another harddrive and I had the same issue. So I went out and bought a geforce 2mx and stuck it in and all my fonts are perfect! (on both gentoo and mandrake) Normally I would just keep the geforce 2 inside my machine, but I have dual displays and only the geforce fx has both dvi and vga out puts. So I am in a jam, I have tried downgrading my nvidia drivers and I have also tried 5341 beta drivers from pny's website. Is there a bios flash for my card or something? Is there any known fix for this? Am I the only poor guy in the world with this issue? ANYone know?

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Default Re: Invisible, WHAT THE HECK!:-)

You could try to tweak the "Render" extension. This extension is being used to get nice (AA'ed) looking fonts. Normally I think hardware acceleration is used which can sometimes be buggy. You could switch back to software rendering (used on allmost all non-nvidia cards) or you can disable the extension at all:
To use software rendering add: Option "RenderAccel" "False"
and to disable the extension: Option "NoRenderAccel" "True"
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