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Default Geforce4 MX 440 and bootsplash


I've got a Geforce4 MX 440. I recently switched to Debian (which is really cool) and wondered if I could not keep SuSE's fancy bootsplash screen. I compiled my own kernel applying the bootsplash patches etc and it worked. Then I wanted to watch DVDs, so I installed NVIDIAs proprietary driver (the Open Sourve nv never worked for me, not even with the newest versions of XFree). This worked as well. Only trouble is: the two thingies don't go with each other.

When I have the bootsplash activated (or in fact simply any framebuffer like vga=791, vga=794), then it works well until X starts. Then the console (switching back there) gets scrambled and shows blinking blocks of different colour and size, depending on the framebuffer mode chosen.

I am now running a 2.6.3. kernel, but I had the same problem with 2.4.20.

There are earlier entries in this forum saying that the framebuffer device does not go with the nvidia driver. This seems to be precisely the problem. Anybody any idea though, using other framebuffers, whatsoever? Is there a driver update coming up so one can at least pray?

And BTW: I don't like my kernel being tainted anyway, so what about competition (ATI-Cards?) Do they also need proprietary drivers to support enhanced operation of the card? Debian automates the procedure really well, but I feel a lot better if at least my graphics board works out of the box.

Thanks in advance.

Here are the sections of my .config that relate to the problem:

# Graphics support
# CONFIG_FB_CYBER2000 is not set
# CONFIG_FB_IMSTT is not set
# CONFIG_FB_VGA16 is not set
# CONFIG_FB_HGA is not set
# CONFIG_FB_RIVA is not set
# CONFIG_FB_I810 is not set
# CONFIG_FB_MATROX is not set
# CONFIG_FB_RADEON is not set
# CONFIG_FB_ATY128 is not set
# CONFIG_FB_ATY is not set
# CONFIG_FB_SIS is not set
# CONFIG_FB_KYRO is not set
# CONFIG_FB_3DFX is not set
# CONFIG_FB_VOODOO1 is not set
# CONFIG_FB_TRIDENT is not set
# CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL is not set
# Console display driver support
# CONFIG_FONTS is not set
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Default Re: Geforce4 MX 440 and bootsplash

Getting high performance out of ATI cards will also require a tainted kernel... the lower end cards will run 3D using DRI and fully open source support (don't have one so I cannot comment more).

vesafb (which you are using) works well for me together with the driver, but if you search the forum for 'terminal corrupt' you will find the high number of issues it seems to cause... seems very hardware dependent.

rivafb definitely has issues with the nVIDIA drivers, so vesafb is your real hope.
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