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Default FX5200 Graphics Problems

This thread may have already been started, so I apologize if I have in any way inconvienienced any of you. I am having problems getting my Nvidia Graphics card, the FX5200. I have two selections to choose from as drivers, the ia32 or the ia64. I am not sure what I have. All I know is that I have Red Hat 9.0 Shrike. In my /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-8/arch
folder I see there is both an i386 and an ia64 folder. Is there any way I can tell what this is? either the ia32 or ia64?

Please I am desparate.

Thank you.

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Default Re: FX5200 Graphics Problems

You might want to put this in the "Linux And NVIDIA Graphics" forum, seems more appropriate
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Default Re: FX5200 Graphics Problems

If you do not know which IA32 or IA64 you need then you want the IA32

IA is Intel/AMD and 32/64 is the processor size, most ppl have an Intel or AMD 32 bit processor but we are seeing a large uptake of 64 bit processors at the moment.
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Default Re: FX5200 Graphics Problems

not exactly correct:
ia32 are x86 compatible cpus
ia64 is intels itanium platform (not x86!)
x86_64 is AMD's 64-bit extension for the x86 platform.

If he has a pentium or later (2,3,4,centrino,mobile,celeron blabla) it is ia32.
If he has an athlon, athlon xp, duron, it is ia32
If he has an athlon 64, athlon 64 FX, opteron, it is x86_64.
If he has an itanium, it is ia64.

IA64 has nothing in common with x86_64. Intel has a x86_64 compatible extension in their upcoming xeons, but this is not ia64!
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