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Default Riva TNT2 PCI on an Emachine broke!

Ok, this is an exaustive explanation of the madness I've been going through to get my TNT2 card to use OpenGL under Suse 8.2 RUnning on an Emachine.

First a little about me:
I'm a 30 year old Linux "Power User" who once had a job doing Linux software development. I know my way pretty much around everything, (But still learning everyday) I'm not a n00b by any stretch of the imagination.

I bought Geforce2 AGP a few months ago, elated that I can finaly have threaded OpenGL, (My old card was a Voodoo3) I tore open my Emachine T1220 only to find the AGP slot absolutly missing!

Well, bummer, I know the computer was cheap, but WOW!

So a friend sends me a TNT2 he had floating around. Elated, I tare open my computer again, drop-kick the Voodoo3 and throw in the TNT2 and also buy neverwinter nights gold & underdark so I can play with some friends online.

I'm running Suse 8.2. My kernel is 2.4.20

I download the Nvidia 5336 drivers. I then, like a good boy, I read the README on how to load the drivers on Suse 8.2.

The installer runs without a hitch, sets up everything and tells me to un SaX2 (like it does in the README) to install the nvidia driver.

The command is the following
"sax2 -m 0=nvidia"

I am greated with this:
"ups lost card while probing"

Well, I look at the Sax manfile and rooting around, discover that card 0 is my onboard graphics card, an IBM i810. So I run sax again, telling it that I want to config card 1, the PCI TnT2:
"sax2 -m 2=nvidia"

Well, now sax starts, I get the splash screen and does all kinds of goofy things...

1) It configures a non-existant moniter for my i810
2) It turns on multi-head display
3) It disables any ability to turn run 3d graphics acceleration

Ok, well that's fixable, I just dump the i810 out Sax. I try and turn on the 3d hardware and I get an error saying that I'm running a fake nvidia driver and that I need to download the real one from nvidia.com. I twas just an experiment as the README tell me that I didn't have to turn it on as it's enabled by deafult.

I then try and test the setup and hit another snag:

sax says this:
(EE)NVIDIA(0): Failure allocating root object.

I save the config and look over the XF86config file. It's set up properly. No DRI or duel head stuff, the driver is set to "nvidia"

I start X and the splash screen comes up, then gnome loads however gears runs at 27 FPS. When I try and run openGL programs they tell me that hardware acceleration is not availble and I can't run them

glxinfo tells me that direct rendering is indeed on, and I'm using Nividia's GL and GLX drivers. The simlinks are correct, and also the kernel driver is loaded.

So what wrong? I'm thinking my onboard graphics chipset is conficting with the TNT2. Sadly, I can't disable the i810 in the BIOS. (It says I can, but there is no option to)

Please help, you huys are my last resort before I rip out my /home drive, put it in a fileserver, install XP on the emachine, and mount /home via samba.

I played $70 to play neverwinternights with linux. I also would like wine's directx to work. I can only do it with a tnt class card or higher. Help!
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