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Default ARGB cursor and GLX

I have recently upgraded my cursor font from an older two-color font to a new ARGB font rendered with XRender, specifically the one supplied with the Industrial GNOME theme.

Unfortunately, I am getting a lot of rendering artifacts with this font. In OpenGL windows (fullscreen or not), there is severe distortion of whatever is underneath the cursor in a roughly 50 pixel block around the cursor. When resizing windows, or when the parent window is being redrawn, the mouse cursor will flicker quickly. Finally, in a test application that does nothing but open a GL-capable Visual and call glXSwapBuffers, the cursor will dissappear entirely unless it is moved quickly.

I have been told that these are symptoms of rendering the cursor in software. But, the XFree86 nv driver supports hardware rendering of ARGB cursors up to 64x64 pixels in size, and several marketing docs for my hardware specify that the card supports "True color" hardware cursor rendering.

So, is this a driver issue? Is it chipset-specific? Explicitly setting "HWCursor" to "true" in XFree68Config-4 has no effect.

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Jonathan Brandmeyer

Debian Sid
TNT2 M64 AGP video card.
Linux kernel 2.6.5-1-686 (Debian)
NVIDIA driver 1.0.5336-11 (from Debian's nonfree section)
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