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Default Error: unable to determine the nvidia kernel module name

I'm not sure if this error has already been covered in these forums, I've searched but did not find it, I searched google for a few hours and found that no one could fix the problem, until just then.

If you receive the error "Error: unable to determine the nvidia kernel module name", I did when compiling for a 2.6.5 kernel in debian, then set SYSINCLUDE=<path to kernel headers>. For example, if your kernel headers are in /usr/src/linux/include, and you're using bash:

$ export SYSINCLUDE=/usr/src/linux/include

before running the installer script.
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Default Re: Error: unable to determine the nvidia kernel module name

I, too, had this same problem, and, although there were several posts regarding this message, it seems it has several different solutions. I'm using Debian Linux, I built and installed my kernel manually, and could not get rid of this error and get the new driver installed. What I finally had to do was use the make-kpkg series of commands, then do a dpkg -i on the .deb kernel file to install everything, and then the nVidia install worked. It's possible that somewhere along the line was where that environment variable got set, but it appears that this error can come from all sorts of places.

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