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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.7 is out

Ok - let's try this.....

You did get the x86_64 versions of the files from the lower part of the page, didn't you?

For the first method:
  • Step 1 in the README has the --extract-only switch on the run file so it doesn't install anything, it just unpacks the included source code from the .run file.
  • Step 2 then instructs you to change directory into the extracted source code directory structure which is : NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-5332-pkg0/usr/src/nv (combining the cd steps into one step)
  • Step 4 (the patch step) applies the patches from the patch file to the source tree. It expects you to be in the "nv" directory. Optionally, the path to the patch can be absolute (e.g. /tmp/somedirectoryname/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-5332-2.6.diff). You can also do cat /tmp/somedirectoryname/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-5332-2.6.diff | patch -p1
  • Step 5 does a soft link of the file name from the existing file Makefile.kbuild to Makefile since the make command expects the instructions to be in Makefile
  • Step 6 then does the make, build and install of the kernel module. It does not edit any xorg.conf or XF86Config files, that's up to you. It also does not add the required alias line to /etc/modprobe.conf. These items are covered in the nvidia README.

Hope that helps. Like I said, I did get it running well on an x86_64 system doing the README instructions (first option in the README).
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.7 is out

Originally Posted by tugrik
Just wanted to say that recompiling 2.6.7 with the use of 8k stacks rather than 4k fixed my nvidia problems - thanks to people for posting that suggestion, very much appreciated.
What problem did this solve? The AMD64/IA32 drivers one with newew AMD64 CPUs?
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.7 is out

Originally Posted by gilboa
You need to disable the 4KSTACKS and the REGPARM options.
And yes, once you've finished building the new kernel, donwload the patched driver from minion.de, install it and then change the driver to nvidia.


Excellent - disabling the REGPARM option was the last piece of the puzzle. Running beautifully now on 2.6.7, MSI K7N2G-ILSR mobo, Athlon 2500+, 512mb, plus flat-panel @ 1280x1024
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.7 is out

Good to hear...

Last edited by gilboa; 06-30-04 at 07:24 AM.
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.7 is out

I am happy to report back in to this thread that with the new release 6106 of the nvidia driver, all of my prior problems under kernel 2.6.x have been corrected. I can now fully utilize my flat panel and dvi port to the fullest extent without any problems. Further, I recompiled the kernel with 4k stacks enabled and it also works just fine. I have not tried the regparm option yet, but since it is listed as experimental, and I don't see what the advantage would be, I probably will not.

Thank you NVIDIA for all your excellent support to the Linux community. Also, I am glad we did not have to wait until August/September as is rumored. We now have a working driver on July 1, just before the holiday !
J D Freels
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