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Default How can i get a address book and emails back in outlook express?

How can i get a address book and emails back in outlook express when the old outlook express dir is on another HD ?

Ok this person copied all of the files from the orginal C drive to a new D drive then formated the C drive and reinstalled windows. All the old data from the last windows 98 is on D. How would this person get their address book and emails back in their outlook express? They still have the outlook express directory and everything. We tried copying the .wab in D:/windows/application date/Microsoft/Outlook express i think it was to the C drive in C:/windows/application date/Microsoft/Outlook express. But outexpress just created a new .wab file when we started it up again. We tried imports the .wab file from D:/windows/application date/Microsoft/Outlook express but it said it had a error. Also how would i get all of the emails back for this person?

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make sure your using the exact same version of oe. and keep trying different exports and imports.
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You will have to use the import command and point it to his backed up directory on his "d" drive. If his backed up email information was using a newer version of Outlook Express then he will have to upgrade his Outlook Express first before importing.
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Also, make sure you disable the "read-only" attribute on every file you want to import, or the import wizard in Outlook Express will give you an error.
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