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Default Poor performance from FX5600.

My FX5600 seems to be getting outperformed by much poorer cards, such as an MX440. I know glxgears is a poor benchmark, but my FX5600 should most definently beat out my friends MX440. Currently I am getting about 1100fps from glxgears in the default sized window. My friend with the MX440 gets 4500fps. This is not right, heh.

I think I have configured something wrong, but I'm not not quite sure where to look, and what to check. I have tried many different driver versions and I'm currently running 6106. I used the installer provided by nvidia to install them.

My hardware setup:
Athlon XP 2000+
256mb DDR ram
MSI GeForce FX5600XT

My friend's setup:
Athlon XP 1700+
512mb DDR ram
GeForce MX440

I'd appreciate any help anyone could provide me with.
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Default Re: Poor performance from FX5600.

well i have 2392 fps with my fx 5600, however it's not the XT version I have, and I've got one gig of ram...

you could use the ut2004 demo for benchmarking...
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Default Re: Poor performance from FX5600.

Look at the files in /proc/driver/nvidia for some diagnostics.

Try kernel agpgart - if you are up to it (the nVidia readme has info about NvAGP). This could require a kernel compile tho.
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