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Originally posted by MikeC

Carlos Cartagena is the man!!!!!!

The things he does with an air-brush are absolutely incredible. The women look like they could jump off whatever medium they are on. And to think he had only been airbrushing for 2 years before he started putting those wonderful ladies out for all to see. The man is truely talented.

Alot of his pin-up and swimsuit model work was picked up by a company called Slap-On . They do large decals of his work. Each of my surfboards has a differant chick on it
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I buy many games. These are the ones that I have kept on my hard drive.

Drakan - Yeah I know, old but still good.

FAKK2 - Of Course I love Julie

The Longest Journey - Classic

MOHAA - Good Shooter

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Good Shooter

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force & Expansion Pack - Fun Game

Mafia - Best game I've played in a long time

Jedi Night 2 - Always fun to play

SOF 2 - Kick some butt

Nolf GOTY Edition - Classic game I always like to play

Nolf 2 - Carry on with Cate

AVP 2 & Expansion Pack- Always Like Playing This One

Serious Sam 1 & 2- Always good for a rush

Half Life - Opposing Force - Blue Shift - Of course I'll keep this one.

Oni - One tough chick and cool hand combat game.

I'm Going In - Fun kick butt game
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Its me! Hurray!
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Ok, I've played Battlezone 1 for years but of late I have become addicted to Battlefield 1942.
Battlezone was a nice game. I completed it and the sequel. The game was one of the first to support bump-mapping.

I have been playing....

BF1942. A very enjoyable game, despite lag and sound issues. Looking forward to the new patch. Midway is my fav map.

UT2003. Can be a rush on the right server, especially bombing run games. I didn't like the original UT, but this one is a lot of fun.

Hitman 2. Got bored really quickly and it crashes all the time since I put my Hercules sound card back in.

The Thing. Fun for a while, but not brilliant. The events are all scripted and the game play is not as random or open ended as the previews indicated.

Warcraft 3. I played it up to the forest elf (whatever they're called) campaign and then got bored of it. It kept me busy for a week or so.

Crimson Land (Freeware). I can't stop playing the game. My two year old son plays it too

Looking forward to MOO3 going gold later this month...

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Here's my list:

Diablo - Installed again for a larf and hope to play it more when I have free time

Diablo 2 - Got my formerly level 61 paladin up to level 71 now. Still a good play IMO.

Half-Life and all expansion packs - Still one of the greatest PC games ever made I don't care what anyone says.

RalliSport Challenge - Excellent racing game, one of the best I've played.

Need for Speed 1-Hot Pursuit 2: I don't have NFS 1, 2 or 3 installed. But those are great arcade racers. Porsche Unleashed is still the best game in the series, IMO, though I am starting to warm up to Hot Pursuit 2.

Adventure Pinball - Great time waster. Best looking pinball game ever.

Shogo: MAD - Best implementation of the Lithtech engine ever. None of the bloated cr@p it eventually became.

Q3A - 'nuff said

UT2003 - Always enjoy playing this over a LAN when I go by my friend's place.

GTA3 - Fun, fun, fun. I wish people would make mods importing real cars into the games.

Serious Sam 1 and 2 - Best played in co-op.

That's about all I've played in the last several months. I'm going to probably stick with racing games and Diablo for now.
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far out
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Just 6 now, down from 30 or 40, all lookers, I get them for the graphics and only into fully 3D now -

Morrowind (& Tribunal add on)

Traded in or gave away to friends dozens of games like Unreal, UT, even Drakan, Anachronox, The Longest Journey, Myst 3, Obsidian, Alice, Riven and more either because the gfx are just not up to par with the new stuff out now, or because they were 2D. So I traded in Motocross Madness 2 too even though it has great visuals, but it's not 3D.

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far out
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I said Motocross Madness 2 is not fully 3d, I mean it doesn't have all around mouselook full 3D, like NOLF 2.

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