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Default 6106 Driver causing alot of problems.

Well, I decided to download and install the 6106 drivers for my box and I am still having problems after apparently removing the driver. To start with during install I had a few reports from the installer pertaining to a previous driver 4496 (I think). Anyway the installer said it would take care of the previous driver and install the new one. Well, after installing it and going back to "init 5" to my KDE desktop I went to check GLX gears and it showed around 1100 fps; not impressed. So, I had to shut down and go to work (this was Wed.). Came home started up the box and noticed on bootup it was in "init 5" then shortly there after it took me to a login prompt (X wouldn't start). So, after about 5 minutes of rebooting and getting nowhere (it even denied me permission to go to Xfree86 config-4). I finally went to XFdrake --expert and it listed my driver as the default NVIDIA GeForce 2 DDR. Well I clicked on it and after a brief time it had me put in my Mandrake CD number 4 (International) and then I rebooted the computer and when it was loading the desktop I got a crashbox pertaining to "kcminit", so I closed the box and it finished loading. I decided to go to the internet but, changed my mind and clicked cancel and then the crashbox appeared again, this time "kppp" crashed. Just about anything I go to and come out of crashes. Also, before posting this thread I read Andy's post on giving all the info I can, but 1 I don't know to this day how to attatched files or anything else to this board or any other board. 2, he mentions about going to "/proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0" , I tried; "permission denied". Is there some way of eliminating all ".run" nVidia files from my box?? I think that will cure the problems. Then I can start over with the 6106 driver. I have a Tyan KT-A mobo, 1.33G CPU, 512 megs of sdram, nVidia GeForce 2 MX 400 64 meg PCI vid card and I am running Mandrake 9.1 Powerpack.

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Default Re: 6106 Driver causing alot of problems.

Running Gentoo here still lots of problems see my thread as well and maybe we can compare notes
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