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The all knowing
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Default Ut2003

Ok love the graphics...and thats about it. There are some huge problems in this game.

First I don't care what anyone says the translocator is for CTF and BOMBING RUN ONLY. Mother****ers stay the **** out of DM with that garbage. I have played against very skilled players with the translocater on and you know what? If I want to I don't get killed ONCE. Its bull**** period.

Two the Shock core is way overpowered. Its has a slash damage attack plus a long range attack and combine the two and you have an explosion stronger than 2 rockets. This just should not be.

Three speaking of the rocket launcher. Wtf? I can load up 3 rockets and shoot someone in the eye and they laff at me and jump away. Thats bull****. The RL is supposed to be the "best" weapon in the game. now it has worse spalsh damage than a water ballon. Anyone want to know how to do the RL right. See the perfect example Quake 1's RL.

Four the Chaingun. Ah well we should just have some fun with it. Why not make this a giant q-tip instead of a gun? It would be just as effective. I can run up to a player and shoot him point blank in the back. He will have enough time to make a sandwhich watch a little tv then come back and start doging. Thats ok tho. He still has 50 health left.

Five superweapons. Now the redeemer was funny back in UT now every firefight I seem to get nuked by some huge ****ing gun! FRIG OFF! I was trying to duke it out with random player number 489237497 and your blasting that **** around. On every ******* level.

And last but not least. Is there such thing as a "normal" game of UT out there? I want to play a bare bones game of UT2003. There is some many bull**** mutators it makes this immpossible. Crotchshot bighead low grav instagib cornflakes jub jub super power blah blah. Who cares? Anyone want to play the game the way it was supposed to be?

/me catches breath. Ok I am gonna try to calm down now. God.
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i agree with you 100%. i found myself uninstailling ut and playing ut2k3 solely..however i'm planning on reinstalling the original ut this weekend.
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The Baron
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Low-Grav Instagib Bombing Run (preferably at 135 game speed) is the ONLY way to play.

It's about accuracy, prediction, and skill in dodging.

Normal weapons become a joke after you play that for a while... heh.
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T6_Shadow. It sounds like you want Quake 3 instead of UT2003. I found UT2003 to be a great game. The RL is not supposed to be the best weapon in the game. It was by far the best in UT but Epic even stated that they knew it was broken so they fixed it. People used the translocater in the original UT just like they do in 2003. You could barely get a "normal game" in the original game either. So all in all what your trying to say is that you want a game that you basically only run and shoot 2 or 3 weapons that kill in 1-2 shots with no way to modify gameplay in any way. hmmm. Yup. Sounds like a craptastic game to me. Go play Quake and sell your copy of 2003. You obviously don't enjoy it.

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Naw, I have to disagree on this one. Sure it took me a few days to get used to it, but now I'm addicted. I've only played my beloved UT once since I got UT2k3, but then again I only play on CTF/BR IG srvs w/ no mutators or adenaline. I can see how enabling the tl on a dm or tdm server is not a really good idea.

As far as the rl is considered, it performs the same as it did in UT, although sometimes it appears to be a tad slower which is frustrating because players will do just what you said, laugh and dodge. I hardly doubt its supposed to be the best weapon though. In my opinion the shock rifle is the best....

Personally t6 I think yer just playing on the wrong servers, try using the filter
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couldn't find a statement I agreed with
my only prtoblem with the game is the skill level negates 56k play imo
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I totaly agree, I was a Huge fan of UT, was the first online FPS i really got into. I cant get myself to play more than 30min of UT2k3 at a time before iv'e had enough... Thank god for RTCW.....
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my only problem involves translocator spam in bombing run
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Originally posted by SavagePaladin
couldn't find a statement I agreed with
my only prtoblem with the game is the skill level negates 56k play imo
the more reasons to upgrade to broadband the better

try it, you'll like it.
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No kidding, get me something that runs out to a farm and I'll go for it
no seriously, this situation kind of necessitates wireless....like Etherlinx....
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