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Default perf. in ut2 based games

Hi folks!

I just switched from a radeon 8500 to this new 5900XT and ...well ... , the HW is great and the drivers are much better than what ATI offers Linux users ...by far, ...again

I've experienced a major boost in most games I have installed but the results in ut2003/4 are puzzling.
While the low framerate don't appear to drop as low [...and the fact that there's no more glitches compared to ATI] making the actual gameplay smoother,
benchmarking results have dropped a liitle compared with the old 8500 ...???

I know these UT engines have always been knowned to be very CPU dependant but I thought with a P4 @ 2.7, I should benefit a noticeable perf boost here too.

I'm quite a rookie with nV cards but I RTFM and think I got everything pretty much covered, considering the performance I get in other games.

I'm definitely using the correct libGL and:
>cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status 
Status:          Enabled
Driver:          AGPGART
AGP Rate:        4x         <-- i845GE agp v2 only
Fast Writes:     Enabled
SBA:             Enabled
So it got me wondering if I overlooked something, am CPU limited or is it a limitation of the driver?
I got the card the day the new drivers were released so 61.11 is the only revision I tried so far.

Anyway, cheers to this new community and thanks Andy for the great driver,

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Default Re: perf. in ut2 based games

You don't mention the other specs of your system like the cpu, so how can we say if it is the bottleneck?
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Default Re: perf. in ut2 based games

hmmm... I thought I mentionned P4 @ 2.7, well checking back I notice I did !
...hehe, just pulling your leg

It's a P4 2.4B on a 152 FSB for 2.736Ghz
512MB of pc3200 running @ 5/4 FSB or 190Mhz

The 5900XT I pretty much left alone ...for now.

If you require more info, I'll be glad to

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