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Default Which Render path is the 6800 **supposed** to be using?

The reason I ask is because when I start the game and scroll to the very beginning of the messages in the console, it always says 8 MB VRAM detected, which is obviously very wrong. It still says this even if I do the "set videoram" command to 256, so how do I know if Doom is using the right config or even the right render path?

Right now I think it's using ARB2, but before I reinstalled it, it was using plain ARB. Does re-installing Windows and running Doom 3 (from another partition) without re-installing it break something?

Also, the first time I started the game after re-installing, Doom 3 detected my system specs three times, first detecting 8 MB VRAM, then 1993 MB VRAM, then finally 64 MB VRAM

Is this game totally bonkers or what? If someone could please tell me at least what render path the game should be running and how to properly enable it, I would be very grateful. Even on 1024 x 768 High Quality with 4xAA the game seems like it isn't running as smooth as I would expect, and I would really like to fix this
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Default Re: Which Render path is the 6800 **supposed** to be using?

vedry very strange.
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Default Re: Which Render path is the 6800 **supposed** to be using?

For 5950/6800 .. ARB2 path is used as i tested .

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