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Default overclockix-multiple questions-new user-help

hi... like i stated... i am kinda new to linux...this is the first version that recognized my chipset etc.... and allowed web access.

now that im online... i am infogathering... and trying to figure this booger out. so.. on the with questions!!

alright.. asus a78nx deluxe mother... 2600+AMD processor-512ram333hz

nForce2 chipset right

well.. heres the deal... im using overclockix 3.4.. live evaluation (all knoppix is right?)

is there any way to install this OS on my harddrive?? i have windows on 20 gigs... and i have 10 set aside for linux... both primary and 7.3 and .7 gigs (ext3 and swap respectively)

i really like this version of linux.. its great.... but how can i save my settings.. so everytime i boot up... my settings (backrounds etc) are still there....

and i tried to download the linux nforce shipset unified driver.... i ran it and everything.. but it said that im using the wrong compiler...

ccg3.4 when the driver uses 3.2... or something like that....
i read on another thread to go to KonsolePackge manager.. but my linux system doesnt allow it.. it just freezes up when i try to access it ...
and in the konsole manager.... change the compiler....

anyways.. yeah... ide like to install this version on my harddrive....
is there another version that is similiar to this one???

thanks in advance yall... i hope i dont sound to simple...
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Default Re: overclockix-multiple questions-new user-help

There should be a folder on your KDE desktop that contains installation instructions and a program to run to setup the distro on your harddrive. If that does not exist, then ask at this forum for better details.


You will need to do the install before all the other things you'd like to get setup, including saving your settings and installing the nforce drivers. For installiing the drivers you will have to compile the entire package including the kernel module, so that it all uses your 3.4 compiler. I cannot help more with nForce drivers, but when you get the distro installed you will find great help for those drivers in this forum (on this site.. just in a different place).

Good luck.
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