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Default Re: Finally Finished Doom3!

Originally Posted by oldsk00l
the baby evil cherub locust things were disturbing as well, good ol id.
i just got the chainsaw, how much farther till i face the baby?
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Default Re: Finally Finished Doom3!

Just finished tonight. I liked it. It provided a unique game experience that you don't get with a lot of games that are on the market right now. Some of the situations are disturbing, but the overall experience was worth it.
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Default Re: Finally Finished Doom3!

The game really picks up at the start of hell til the end. They did a great job setting the mood. Just wish they were a little more creative with the gameplay. Overall, a lot of fun, but it's already got a thin layer of dust on it, sitting up there on my shelf.
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Default Re: Finally Finished Doom3!

The Guardian is an awesome boss.
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Default Re: Finally Finished Doom3!

i agree. but it was hell on my comp. the frame rates dropped to below 15, so basically aiming was near impossible. i ended up turning on god mode (just at that level :P) so i wouldnt have to keep reloading it.
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