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View Poll Results: High resolutions vs. AA & AF?
I prefer high resolutions with little or no AA/AF enabled 26 59.09%
I prefer lower/middle resolutions with a high level of AA/AF enabled 14 31.82%
High resolutions and AA/AF are both nothing but dreams for my current system =( 4 9.09%
Voters: 44. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: High resolution vs. AA / AF

for most games: 1280x1024 4xaa 8xaf.

call of duty: 1280x1024 8xsaa (might as well use it if its there an performance is still good) 8xaf.

if a game doesnt support aa i wont buy it.
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Default Re: High resolution vs. AA / AF

I do 1600x1200 and 16xAF and the highest AA that will give me a decent framerate. So this question isn't really applicabble to me.
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Default Re: High resolution vs. AA / AF

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
You should take AF out of the poll since its a different thing entirely... I try to play all games at 1600x1200 8xAF... in any games that run fast enough to use AA, i add 2x, 4x or 8xS... but i always have AF on, no matter what.
I can't change the vote now, but thats exactly what I do also.

1. Always 8XAF ( I am sometimes willing to go down to 4XAF if it eats enough performance to force me one resolution down though)

2. Then high resolution

3. Then 2/4XAA

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Default Re: High resolution vs. AA / AF

IMHO AF is much more important than AA, and so ideally I would go with a high res with 8xAF and no AA. I would much rather this than low res and 8xAF and 4xAA.

Normally I would go for the highest res I can get with 8xAF enabled, and if it still looks crappy I'll give a go to a lower res and see if putting some AA makes it look better (which it does on about half the occasions I would say. e.g. having 4xAA in UT2004 and Doom3 at 1280x1024 looks nowhere near as good as no AA at 1600x1200. Where as FarCry, SOFII, Splinter Cell: PT, WarCraft III it is vice-versa.)
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