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Talking World of Warcraft - For Stereo 3-D Users

Well after playing this a lot over the weekend I very much looking forward to it going retail hopefully by the end of the year. The game is a joy to play in 3-D with my E-Dimensional glasses and runs very well. All the names above the models are programmed in 3-D so they appear at the proper depth in the game. The only issues I have had is that if you toggle on the labels command it is at screen depth but this isn't really needed too much and is actually handy when you try to click on things since the mouse cursor takes some getting used to when you click on objects at times. Also I noticed the fog in the night sky looks a bit off in 3-D but nothing major.

I am running it on my 6800 Ultra with the 61.77 drivers with the resolution at 1280x960 and 8xAF. The game evens gets good performance in 3-D at 1600x1200 but the text is a bit smaller at that resolution.

Playing this game in 3-D sure adds to the overall fun factor in this game I must say and the colorful graphics are very pleasing on the eye also. I know some people think the graphics suck but I actually like the cartoony look of this game.
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Default Re: World of Warcraft - For Stereo 3-D Users

I don't know about the 3-D glasses (sounds neat), but I agree about the graphics. There were plently of times I've been completely astounded at how good they look. This is a truly awesome game.
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