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False Christian
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Default Re: Was there/is there a 256mb 5800 out there?

I almost bought a 128MB GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. I prefer ATI but I know how well nVidia cards overclock and they tend to be more stable overall. I just didn't have the cash at the time and went with a MSI 128MB GeForce 4-Ti4400 AGP 4x. This is still my favourite videocard of all time.
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Default Re: Was there/is there a 256mb 5800 out there?

Dosent the 128b memory have a big effect on overall BW? I have a 5800 sitting at home as a backup that I got for about $100 a few months ago but I havent really played with it because I have a 6800GT
P D805 @3.8Ghz on P5ND2 SLI with Droop mod.
2G OCZ DDR2 @4-4-4-7
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SB Extigy
7800GT @ 505/1100
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