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Default Does Speedtree demo work on 4200ti?

Anyone got it to work? I get a D3d rendering error message everytime I try to run this program.
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Default Re: Does Speedtree demo work on 4200ti?

Yeah other GeForce 4 owners have reported that too .i dont think its going to work for a DX8 video card .
it needs at least a DX9.0 capable hardware for PS/VS2.0 opreations .

its uses them for local and global wind, shadows, and sunlight effects .

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Default Re: Does Speedtree demo work on 4200ti?

I ran it when the speed tree demo first came out and didn't have any issues on my Ti4200 w/8x AGP.
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Default Re: Does Speedtree demo work on 4200ti?

Unfortunatly, the Trees of Parathia or whatever it's called says it requires a Pixel Shader 2.0 compatable card (i.e. FX5200/9500 or above). Kinda sucks, does anyone know of a PS2.0 emulation program for D3D? I know OpenGL has an NV30 emulation mode for older cards, but I haven't found anything for D3D yet. Suprisingly there's actually a way to emulate PS1.1 on non-PS compatable cards (and supposedly it actually works at *fairly* decent speed, for what it's doing), but I haven't found anything for PS2.0 yet.
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Default Re: Does Speedtree demo work on 4200ti?

I really don't like that trees of Pangea. To me it is really , seeing as all the different areas are essentially the same. When it says "Vietnam Jungle" I was expecting JUNGLE, not some trees in the grass with gunfire sound effects.

Oh well, at least it shows how many trees can be rendered at high quality these days in realtime.
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Default Re: Does Speedtree demo work on 4200ti?

I forgot the name of the program, it is the one that was needed to run that Matrox "reef" demo, I think there was an option to force 1.1 shader etc, maybe this will work?

I too wasnt that impressed either, I myself prefered their first demo, which looked nicer IMO.
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