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Old 09-18-04, 01:01 PM   #13
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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

The Xbox version was great. I still play it on Xlive every day. This looks even better and I'll probably end up getting it just cause.

Oh, and ROFL at BioHaz and his FPS comment. You made my day.
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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

The controls in Full Spectrum Warrior are excellent. I just might buy the thing.
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Old 09-18-04, 10:53 PM   #15
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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

Originally Posted by GamingLordX
Is it just me, or does Anti-Aliasing not work in this game?
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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

The post processing effect makes the game overly blurry for things in the distance. Tactically it doesn't feel that deep from the demo. Camera can be a bit of a problem but nothing major, firefights can happen with dudes mere feet away that last forever. Nevertheless not a bad game at all.
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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

I like the lighting effects personally, I really wish the controls in the demo were configurable (they better be in the real game) I don't like using the right mouse button or "0" to switch to cursor mode. Incredible game though, I don't know about the xbox version, but I hope it has a decent plot to go with it.

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Old 09-21-04, 12:03 PM   #18
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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

Great game! i like this style of strategy.

if they just enhance the sounds like CoD .. it will be sueprb!

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Default Re: Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

Very cool approach on the abused FPS/RTS genre, very cool game indeed...

I didn't had the money when the Xbox version was released, but I'm going to buy the PC version for sure now
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