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Default Dual head multicard 3D problem on second card

I am running SuSE 9.1 with a Geforce 3 AGP and have recently added a Geforce 4 MX 420 PCI so that I could do a dual head setup (this is my first time trying a dual head setup). So I installed the nvidia 1.0-6111 driver and got it working on my AGP card no problem. I then edited my XF86Config and changed the nv driver to nvidia for the PCI card and started X and it did not work. So I did a lot of searching and reading and found in the README APPENDIX N that said I should enable UseInt10Module which I did and it still did not work (when I startx it both monitors wake up and show black screens and the screen hooked to the PCI card shows a cursor in the top left corner and nothing else). So I am now turning to all of you for help. Attached is my XF86Config that works with the AGP running nvidia and PCI running nv. I also attached XF86Config.MLM which is the changes I made to try and get the PCI card running the nvidia driver, and lastly the logfile I get when I start up X with XF86Config.MLM. Any help would be appreciated. I would love 3D on both screens!

- Mike
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Default Re: Dual head multicard 3D problem on second card

I have a similar setup, only my AGP card is a 5200 Ultra. I am currently running a fresh install of SuSE 9.1 on an Athlon64 system.

The problem that i have is as follows. System installed correctly via ftp, display that was active during installation was my PCI MX400. Once X started, the installer went to detect video cards and the screen went black, requiring a reboot. (input seemed dead also)

After rebooting, i fetched the newest nvidia drivers, compiled and rebooted. After making sure that my XF86Config file was using the 'nv' module, i started X only to get a black screen again. I shut down the system, removed the PCI card, and started again, this time X came up fine.

It appears that i am unable to get the AGP card to work with the PCI one installed. Currently my XF86Config file lacks an entry for the PCI card. I am just trying to get the AGP card to work standalone with the PCI card in the system before i try to get multihead issues resolved.
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