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Default slackware 8.1 sound config

How will i configure my A7N266-E's sound card on linux. I downloaded nforce drivers for linux :

tar -xzvf nvidia.tar.gz

and make and make install....after using modprobe it says ac_97 symbol unresolved says....any idea? thnx
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Sounds like you just installed the video driver unless nvidia makes sound cards.
You need to get a sound driver. I recommned alsa; goto www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/.

look at the sound card support on that find your sound card type there and it will have install instructions for it.

hope that works
- Seoushi
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nVidia's got sound drivers for the integrated sound on their motherboards, Seoushi.

Anyway, did you get the latest 0248 drivers? I usually just use the source rpm's.

But what distribution do you have? And did you make certain to install the kernel source with your distribution?
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Originally posted by Chalnoth

But what distribution do you have? And did you make certain to install the kernel source with your distribution?
FYI, as he mentionned, he's using Slackware Linux v8.1, and although this distro DOES support RPM, this is not Slackware's native package management system; *.tar.gz is.
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