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Default Re: Can a ti4200 agp4x be moded or turned into AGP8X?

Ug, color me foolish. I forgot the voltage drop to 0.8. I slouch corrected.
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Default Re: Can a ti4200 agp4x be moded or turned into AGP8X?

Originally Posted by rohit
And for the qstn on significant boost: i used a pentium3 866MHz/i815e/256mb sdram with Ti4200..
wen i overcloked the card... i barely got 5 fps increment in UT2k3, splinter cell..etc. other apps.
You're CPU and memory size/bandwidth limited, especially for UT2003 and SC as those games love CPU power. All the video card overclocking in the world won't help you there I'm sorry to say.
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Default Re: Can a ti4200 agp4x be moded or turned into AGP8X?

8x AGP runs at .8, AGP 4x runs 1.5.

No difference b/w 4x and 8x, trust me
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